How the Best Free PC Cleaner Apps Can Actually Save You Money

We spend a lot of money on our computers. From the initial purchase price, to any hardware upgrades we make, to software we buy and any maintenance services we pay for, it all adds up over the life of a machine. The more we do to maintain this investment, however, the less money we'll actually end up spending on it. This is why so many people opt to download a free PC cleaner.

Downloading a PC cleaner for Windows 10 or another version of the operating system can actually save you money right from the get-go. How? Take a look at just a few of the ways a PC cleaner program mitigates costs and keeps you from spending unnecessary dollars over the life of your PC:

  • Fewer repairs:

    By keeping your system free of viruses, clutter and problematic files, you'll save your operating system the trouble of running into issues with malware and corrupted files. Paying a PC professional to come out and repair your computer or bringing to a repair shop can set you back hundreds of dollars! If you save yourself even just a few of these costs, it's like saving yourself of the cost of an entirely new computer!
  • No need to reset:

    What happens when your registry files get corrupted? Things start to crash, programs don't work right and your computer may not function properly. The best fix is often a hard reset, which can mean re-downloading files and re-paying for things you previously had, but have now lost. Being able to repair corrupt registry files means not having to do a full reset, saving you any incurred costs that come with it.
  • Protected data:

    One of the best things a PC cleaner for Windows 7, 8 or 10 can do is protect your information from being compromised. A program like MyCleanPC can scrub your operating system of sensitive information and make sure it's not being left open for the taking by malware and other malicious programs. Preventing data from being leaked can save you tons of money that you'd otherwise have to spend on cleaning up your credit, repairing your identity and protecting yourself in the future.
  • Keep your PC fast:

    Lagging speeds are one of the most common reasons PC users decide to upgrade or invest in new components for their computer — often, without knowing exactly what's causing them. A PC cleaner pro piece of software will target speed-sucking programs and processes, setting them right to keep your PC fast. This can save you hundreds in unnecessary upgrades!
  • Free online support:

    MyCleanPC allows you to chat and interact with a tech support expert for free when you encounter issues with your computer. This not only saves you the cost of a visit to a repair specialist, it also saves you the trouble of spending money on other solutions that may not be viable or effective for solving your particular problem. You can't beat insightful, professional help that's totally free!

It may only seem like a few dollars here and there, but the fact is, all of these saved costs add up quickly! If you own your computer for 3-5 years, there's a good chance a free PC cleaner may have saved you several hundred dollars over that span!

The cost of peace of mind

How much is peace of mind worth to you when it comes to operating a computer that's secure, fast and responsive? For many people, it's well worth downloading a free PC cleaner and incorporating thorough scanning and cleaning into their everyday computer usage. Being able to keep speeds high, sensitive data protected and unnecessary expenditures down means getting the most out of a machine that's not cheap to purchase and own.

Looking towards the future

Perhaps the best thing about being able to cut the cost of computer ownership through good maintenance is being ready for the next big thing in the computing market. Whether it's a new graphics card or an entirely new rig, you'll be able to save money over the life of your current computer to better afford your next one!

MyCleanPC is more than just a useful tool for keeping your computer running quickly and smoothly — it's your resource for keeping the cost of ownership low and the function of your computer adequate until the time comes to reinvest in something better. And, when you do, MyCleanPC will be there to help make sure that machine is also running in the best capacity it can!