Need to Speed Up Windows 7? These 8 Simple Tips Might Help!

A lagging operating system can cause all sorts of headaches. Programs take forever to start up, they crash unexpectedly and can even freeze in the middle of using them. If you're someone who relies on their computer for gaming, work or even general use, these problems are a source of constant frustration! What you really need is a way to speed up Windows 7.

Thankfully, there are more than a few different ways to kick start Windows 7 and add a little extra speed to your operating system. Let's take a look at 8 of the simplest ways to get the job done and why each of these items is smart to consider if you're dealing with a slow PC

  1. Reduce startup items.

    Over time, your PC can become cluttered with startup items. The more programs you install or processes you have set up, the more time and energy your PC is going to expend launching them. Helper applications can be disabled via the built-in MSconfig program, to conserve RAM and computing power. Narrow these processes down to only the essentials to speed up Windows 7 in a big way.
  2. Uninstall bloatware.

    Vendor programs and other out-of-the-box add-ons can really take a toll on your operating system's speed. Worst of all, you're not likely to ever use most of these programs! Spend some time going through your list of installed programs to figure out what's taking up space and which items can be removed. Stripping your operating system of these extras can restore a little bit of your long-lost speed.
  3. Run a virus scan.

    Who knows what malware, viruses or other suspect files are living deep within your operating system? The longer you've had your computer, the more of a chance there's something malicious lurking within your files, sucking up RAM and, in turn, computing speed. Run a thorough virus scan to find and eliminate these files. A thorough search and destroy will have the dual benefit of protecting your data and speeding up Windows 7.
  4. Play with performance settings.

    Depending on how you use your computer (gaming, work, design, etc.), you'll have different performance demands. Adjusting your performance settings to match your computing is a great way to make sure your processing power is allocated properly. Stock settings may equate to slower responsiveness; adjusting them can unlock extra computing power you may not have been using all along!
  5. Clean and defragment your drive.

    With each passing day your computer performs processes that store and retrieve data on your hard drive. Each time, small data fragments are left behind and eventually, they can get to the point where they're clogging up your computer's performance. Defragmenting your drive and cleaning up the data eliminates all of these little excess leftovers to increase the speed and responsiveness of your operating system.
  6. Limit open programs.

    Want a fast way to speed up Windows 7 without having to delve too deeply into the operating system? Close your extra programs! Closing programs you're not using will immediately free up RAM and help improve the responsiveness of your system in an instant. The fewer number of programs you have open at one time, the better your overall system performance is going to be.
  7. Turn off gadgets.

    If you're really strapped for speed you can consider disabling some of the core components of Windows 7 — but only if you're sure you won't miss them. Gadgets use a fair bit of processing power and can be easily shut off. View a list of running gadgets and uncheck any of them you're not absolutely using on a daily basis. Remember, they can always be turned back on if you miss them!
  8. Install MyCleanPC.

    Who has time to go through their entire operating system and try out different ways to speed up Windows 7? If you're looking for an all-in-one solution that can take care of your speed problems, install MyCleanPC. Not only will you experience better speeds from your operating system, all it takes is one click to optimize your PC!

If you're struggling with slow speeds and lackluster performance from your Windows 7 system, there are several different methods you can use to recover lost processing power and boost speed. Give any of the above tips a try or download MyCleanPC and optimize your system with the press of a button. You'll experience speeds you haven't enjoyed since you unboxed your computer all those years ago!